If Carpets Could Talk...

They'd say, "Please sell the dog that keeps peeing on me!"

It's a love-hate relationship with our adorable adopted terrier-yorkie mix Sugar. We've given it 7 months, but the little sweetie has been traumatized, and we soon learned she is terrified of teenage boys, noise, and alpha dogs...all of which are permanent fixtures in our home. The fact that she hides behind the printer stand 90% of the time is reason enough to find her a better suited family--one that is quiet, lethargic and female.  But add to that the ever-increasing yellow stains on my bedroom floor from her insistence on carving out a spot of her own in the shadow of our neurotic, possessive alpha male schnauzer Max, and our patience level has reached its breaking point.

Tonight I was driven to vulgarity (who me?) when I found yet another wet spot on the carpet and stomped into my daughter's room ranting, "That's it! I'm done! Get in bed Charli so we can pray and I can go clean up dog p***!" When we said our prayers, Charli said, "Mom, can we pray that Sugar will get a good home?" "Yes, we can. And fast." I'll sign off for now since there's a wet spot on the carpet just awaiting my arrival.

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