The Dog Nazi

Today I met the Dog Nazi. My 8-yr-old daughter Charli and I went to a pet adoption event with over 600 dogs, including our own precious Sugar who needs a quieter home than ours, blah, blah, blah (read my post If Carpets Could Talk). In the process of checking out the various doggies available for adoption, we met some wonderful, giving people. We also met some who LOVE dogs...and apparently HATE people. This poses a problem when it is typically PEOPLE who want to adopt DOGS! One in particular grabbed Sugar and proceeded to clip her toenails. Charli said, "I don't want you to do that." The lady, let's call her Bruno, barked (ironically), "I have to do it. Do you want her paws to hurt?! That's what happens if her nails get too long." She scared me. I wondered what would would happen to Bruno if her nails got too long? Should I grab her fingers and chop off the tips until she squirmed and squealed? For her best interest of course.

Running a close second to the Dog Nazi was another lady with some small dogs looking for homes. I asked how she thought a particular dog would do with my alpha male Max. You would have thought I'd asked to set up a dog-fighting ring with her petite pooches. "That is completely your responsibility to make sure your alpha behaves correctly with other dogs."

I thought I was a dog lover. I thought I was a reasonably good dog owner. I'm not. I'm scum. I don't deserve a dog. I don't even deserve to live. Maybe they should even take my kids.

I can't go to any more of those super adoption events. It's not good for my self esteem. I may meet another Dog Nazi, and I just don't know if my heart could take it.

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