Top Ten Ways to Know Your Daddy Is a Redneck

If you can relate to three or more of the following, your Daddy may be a Redneck. Based on actual events of a California girl who proudly grew up in a trailer in the boondocks of East Texas.

10. Entertains family at supper by suspending his dentures from top of his mouth.

9. Asks for one more Miller Light cozy for Father's Day so he can have one in each room of the trailer house.

8. Has an unusually large tattoo of an eagle on his upper arm artfully camoflaging the naked lady tattoo your mama insisted he remove before their wedding.

7. Describes his ultimate dream home as "double-wide."

6. Uses the same pocket knife to pick his teeth and peel your apple.

5. Gets teary-eyed when he talks of passing down his NASCAR ashtray as a family heirloom.

4. Local hardware store is his favorite denim outfitter.

3. Everyone counts on him to shoot the main course for the church potluck.

2. For your high school graduation he dressed up by removing the shells from his hunting vest.

1. You often told your pre-school friends, "I can't play...I'm helping my Daddy skin a squirrel for dinner."

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!

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