Mother's Day Top Ten

Hello all you moms! Just in case you decide to have a relaxing Mother's Day out, here are a few red flags to watch out for when hiring your sitter. TOP TEN THINGS YOUR NEW SITTER MIGHT SAY THAT SHOULD CAUSE A RED FLAG

10.Is it OK if I give your number to my parole officer?

9.They’re going to love this book I brought for a bedtime story.  Stephen King is awesome.

8.Where do you keep your corkscrew?

7.I brought my piercing gun, just in case.

6.Do you have any cream for this oozing rash?

5.If something bad happens, do I still get paid?

4.No, I’m not certified for CPR, but the last family I sat for said I was “certifiable.”

3.If they fuss at bedtime, are pharmaceuticals an option?

2. “I wasn’t sure if they were allergic to milk, so I just gave them all Mountain Dew.”

1.When you return home, they ask, “Were there three kids?”


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