From Chance to Chandler...A Song

From Chance to Chandler...A Song

Chance wrote this song for Chandler and sang it at his celebration of life service on January 13. I will let you all know when his recorded version of the song is available.

I cried when I heard this song at Chandler’s service. I cried from pain throbbing in every pore of my being. I cried for my son, broken-hearted, pouring out his soul for the brother he will never see again on this earth. I continue to cry.

Head First
by: Chance Espinoza

Climbing to the top
You look out across the mob
You conquered gates and rose to heights twice your age

As you approach the edge
The congregation, with bated breath
Looked with wonder as they passed around your name…

And you step off of the ledge
Flying til you go again
Give or take the shirt
You were always head first

Ooh, head first

You leapt off every roof
If Babel stood, you’d have jumped that too
You always stood unafraid to jump or to speak the truth

When you climb up to the top
Of the pillow or a rock
You look through all our friends, our family, our parents

You know we love you man
And we know you love us back
From the time you touched the stove
And the toy box broken collarbone

When you climb up to the top
Of a cliff or plastic box
Give or take the shirt
You always went first

You, went first

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