Popcorn, Heat, and Grilled Meat

Popcorn, Heat, and Grilled Meat

I’m grateful for every good gift I was blessed to receive today.

Dropping Charli off at school.

Enjoying a ridiculously addicting heaping bowl of fresh popped popcorn with pink Himalayan salt and Italian butter from a mom who has spoiled me with delicious things both before and after December 15.

Sharing the magical “pop” with my friends at work when I opened a new home-brewed bottle of kombucha. For kombucha-ites, the “pop” means you had a successful home brew!

Receiving an Easter egg with “Hope” written on it from another friend at work. Since December 15, I’ve had to grapple with the question, “What is hope…really?” More to come on that.

Hugs from friends. And from a special little princess in our preschool. Texts saying, “Praying for you.”

Meeting new families coming to tour Mission Hills Christian School. I love hearing their stories.

Picking up Charli from school.

Working out in 125-degree heat at HotWorx. Yes, I know it’s like a hot flash on purpose. But I love it.

Ending the day with wonderful friends. Laughter, great conversation, and grilled meat. What’s better than that?

The only thing better than that is if I’d gotten home, put on my pajamas, sat down to read, and heard Chandler coming through the front door. That would be better.

Maybe someday, I won’t think in terms of, “This would have been a perfect day IF Chandler….” Maybe there will be more absolutely perfect days to come.

For today, this was as good as it gets.

Llamas, Dancing, Soda, and Pilates

Llamas, Dancing, Soda, and Pilates

Family Picture

Family Picture