I was reminded today, as I was on January 13, that we all leave a legacy. It is up to each of us what our legacy will be. Our day-to-day choices accumulate over months and years, shaping our character, and thus, our legacy.

This morning I had the privilege of attending the memorial service for Dr. Jesse Miranda. Dr. Miranda was a leader of leaders, described by one speaker this morning as the “Moses” of the Latino faith community, bringing together diverse groups of people as he strategically mentored and empowered them to pursue excellence in their calling, whether in the marketplace or the church.

I have to add that the resemblance between Jesse Miranda and Grandpa Reggie Espinoza is uncanny. Chip has considered it a privilege to serve on the board of Dr. Miranda’s Center for Hispanic Leadership, and I know Grandpa Reggie, who entered heaven the day our middle son Chance was born, is very proud of his grandson.

To list all of Dr. Miranda’s accomplishments would be beyond the scope of today’s blog. Google him if you want to read more about Jesse’s life. It’s worth your time.

I heard a few sentiments repeated by multiple speakers this morning:

Humble. Mentor. Family man. Passionate about education. Visionary. Strategic. Influential. Bridge-builder.

One of the greatest leaders of the late 20th century.

I listened as speaker after speaker shared so eloquently about their very personal experiences of a man who took time to truly be with people. Jesse would be the last to boast that his name lent credibility or prestige, but every speaker shared how Jesse had been willing to use his influence to help them achieve their goals and fulfill their calling.

Everyone needs a Jesse Miranda in his or her life.

My mind skipped to some future day when people will stand up and say things about Lisa Espinoza. What do I want them to say? And what choices am I making today…and tomorrow…and next month so that what they say is congruent with the person I want them to remember?

That is just too much to contemplate in one sitting.

A couple of things I know for sure. I want to be remembered as a person who loved my family with every fiber of my being and considered it the highest honor for Chase, Chance, Chandler, and Charli to call me “Mom.” Not only an honor, but one of the greatest, deepest, purest joys of my life. And I want to be remembered as a person who somehow reflected the love of God in the middle of my messy humanity.

God, please surround and saturate the Miranda family with your peace, comfort, strength, and hope. Thank you for Jesse’s life and all the ways it reflected who you are. Amen.

Well done, Dr. Miranda.

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Unwelcome Reminder