NYC Day 1

First day writing my blog on my iPhone.

First day in NYC.

Took a red-eye flight last night and landed this morning at 6 am New York time.

I researched (of course) and ended up buying an inflatable travel pillow for this trip so I could get some sleep and hit NYC with a bang from day one. I looked ridiculous blowing it up and then turning it every which way to figure out the most comfortable positioning on my neck. It pushed the earplugs out of my ears and threatened to suffocate me.

There’s a reason they call it a red-eye.

I knew I was tired when I leisurely sauntered into the Men’s restroom at JFK upon arrival.

From the time we landed, we have been on the move…except for the three AMAZING meals we stopped long enough to enjoy.

So many memories of being in NYC multiple times with Chandler and the rest of the family. In Time Square, Central Park, and even the drive into the city. On the way to the hotel, a song came on from the movie The Greatest Showman. I forced myself not to listen and repeated in my head, “Just be over, just be over.” That song had been a soundtrack for our daily drive to the hospital. I hate it now.

One of the best surprises of today — coconut milk soft-serve ice cream at Taco Dumbo. Creamy, rich, flavorful. Awesome! I will dream about it when my head hits the pillow in five minutes.

My Garmin fitness tracker is so confused. It knows I did not sleep last night. I don’t think it has a clue what day or night it is. Neither do I.

Until day two…

Good night.


NYC Day 2

Little Nervous

Little Nervous