NYC Day 2

Slept in this morning…sleep is not over-rated. Caught myself before I completed the act of squeezing body lotion onto my toothbrush. That correction happened only because of 10 hours of sleep last night.

Rooftop brunch did not disappoint. Avocado toast, breakfast pizza, and Nutella French toast. Just no. Don’t judge — we shared it all.

Moulin Rouge was absolutely stunning, electric, moving…mesmerizing. The last song almost wrecked me — I Will Love You Til My Dying Day.

I’m posting early because we are about to eat sushi and then go DANCING!!! I just put octopus in my mouth. It’s raw. I love food adventure!!!

My night is just beginning. If you know anything at all about the Enneagram, you know that I am in 7 heaven. Also, this is SO Chandler.


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