Running, Cleaning, Fixing, Finding

Running, Cleaning, Fixing, Finding

It was a BIG day! Four things I’m really excited about!!!

1) The Bubble Run
You know how I feel about getting up really early….especially on a weekend. But I did it today in order to run through pastel-colored bubbles at Angels Stadium in Anaheim. Two nights ago, some friends told me they had extra bibs because their kids couldn’t do the race. Charli said she would love to do it and asked her friend Katelyn if she wanted to join us. This morning I chose my “C” necklace, a gift from my friend Robin, to accompany me on my run.

Our Mission Hills Christian School clan gathered before our 8 o’clock heat as near the starting line as we could get. Charli and Katelyn bullied, I mean squeezed their way through to the front. As a point of reference, if you read my post back in January about the “In everything give thanks” plaque on our wall, Katelyn is the sweet, talented young lady who made it for Charli’s birthday last year.

I ended up running with my friend Alice and her kids who, because of their youth, had no problem sprinting frequently in between walking and jogging. We sprinted to the finish together and met Charli and Katelyn who had crossed the finish line much earlier. Did I mention they are both competitive athletes, and Katelyn is so flippin’ fast?!

Afterward, we took our bluish-tinted bodies over to Corner Bakery for a delicious protein-rich breakfast, then to Tapioca Express for milk tea and boba. We are looking for more 5ks to do!

2) The recycled bottles and cans
We took Charli’s car to the race today because yesterday we loaded the entire back of my car with bottles and cans to be recycled only to discover both the recycling centers near us are closed for good. What do you do with 12-plus bags of bottles and cans? My friend Lynda came to the rescue. Charli and I drove over and unloaded our stinky bags into her recycling enthusiast neighbor’s yard and into Lynda’s truck for families at our school who recycle to raise funds for their 8th grade Washington DC trips. Thank you, Lynda! My car smells like a car again….not like spring break in Newport Beach.

3) The repaired kitchen pipes
So last night’s broken kitchen pipes left me with a boatload of unwashed dishes and a huge mess. When we got home from our recycling trip, I tackled the dishes, several armloads that I had thrown into the laundry room utility sink to soak. I felt pretty good about having clean dishes despite having no workable kitchen sink. Then I decided to try and fix the pipes. Thank God for YouTube. I crawled under the sink and took apart the P-trap (yeah, that’s a thing), repositioned the plastic rings on the pipes, re-fitted the pipes into one another and tightened the washers. When I turned on the water, no more leaking!!! I’ve run the dishwasher and cleaned the sink. No leaks as of yet. I’m pretty stoked about that. And not one bit of butt crack showing through the entire process.

4) The found vehicle registration
Chip told me yesterday that my vehicle registration and proof of insurance were not in my glove box and that I needed to find them. They are ALWAYS in my glovebox. It worried me yesterday, but I put it off until after the Bubble Run, the recycling, the washing of the dishes, and the fixing of the pipes to deal with. Not in my glovebox. Not in my car. Not in the desk by the front door. When Chip got home, I said, “The good news is, the bottles and cans that had taken over the garage are now gone, and I fixed the kitchen sink pipes. The bad news is, I have no idea where my registration and proof of insurance are.” I casually mentioned that maybe they were with the stuff we took with us back in November to the DMV when Charli took her driving test in my car. That’s the only possibility I could think of. I went and looked in our file drawer. There was the plastic baggie of all the documents we’d taken to the DMV. And there they were…the registration and proof of insurance. You know that feeling when something important has been lost and you find it? Such a huge sense of relief!

It’s been an eventful day. Now I’m going to watch the next episode of Breaking Bad because it sort of makes my sink issues look like small potatoes.

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